Be Somebody's Angel This Saturday

Published: August 4, 2009

We’ve got an urgent challenge right now which requires big vision for change.  Each week 4,250 of our families are seeking help from Murrieta, Temecula and Menifee food banks, and 14,800 of these are our children – every week. During summer, school breakfasts and lunches are not available to the children. Demand on our food banks has increased 83% since 2007.  Last year the tons of food collected by our Realtor & Affiliate Food Drive was gone in weeks. The need in our community is skyrocketing.

Massive change requires massive action. That’s why your food banks have come together in a collaborative effort to partner with every household in our community to respond to this emergency at hand.  The need hit crisis levels this time last year.  This year, the need has risen higher. You, your neighbors and co-workers will make a huge impact this week by participating in the Heaven on Earth Food Drive, Saturday, August 8th.
Can you imagine the impact of every household responding with just one box on Saturday?

The time is now to bring your influence, your impact, your choice for change, to your community.  This week, I’m personally asking you to focus with me on things that really matter, and embrace the vision of “each one, reach one!” Will you reach into your cupboards to impact your neighbors with just one box of food? Will you lead your co-workers and neighbors to join you?

Have you caught the vision? Vision + Action = Impact! The details are on the attached flyer (drop-off locations, list of food banks benefiting, items needed). Print the flyers and pass ’em out to your neighbors, colleagues, clubs, youth groups, everyone.

And please…cast the vision wide by forwarding this important message on to everyone you know in this special community!  I’d love to hear from them.

Please view the attached Heaven on Earth Food Drive flyer for more details, drop-off locations and a list of most needed items.

Remember, our neighbors are hungry…

but together we will change that!

Thank you.

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