How Much Is The New State Budget Taking From YOUR City?

Published: August 3, 2009

Nice article in the on-line Sacramento Bee. Plug in your county and city and/or agency and see how much the recently passed state budget will be costing them. Of course it’s not a tax – they are just ‘borrowing’ an extra $15.00 per resident. I’m looking forward to the day they pay that back. They’ve been borrowing from cities and other agencies for years. Anybody who runs their business in a style that actually makes money is likely to see that money stolen – um, borrowed by the state.

On the plus side they remind us that –  Some of these lost funds will be offset by A) federal stimulus money and B) the ability of local governments to borrow lost property tax revenue against the state’s promised repayment. So the state taketh and forceth us to rely on yet more Obama bail-outs for subsistence. Like the federal gov’t is flush with cash. Oh, I forgot, they own the mints – they can just make more and it’s, like, FREE that way, isn’t it?

Database: See how much your local government will lose under state budget

Government entityCountyType of governmentEstimated amount state will borrow or take this fiscal yearDescendingAmount borrowed per resident
WildomarRiversideCity Government$0$0
MurrietaRiversideCity Government$1,483,325$15
Murrieta Redevelopment AgencyRiversideRedevelopment Agency$2,548,524
Lake ElsinoreRiversideCity Government$684,923$14
Lake Elsinore Redevelopment AgencyRiversideRedevelopment Agency$6,970,262
TemeculaRiversideCity Government$1,543,055$15
MenifeeRiversideCity Government$14,236$0

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