MEMBER BENEFITS 101: Make the Most of Your C.A.R. Membership

Published: August 17, 2009

Don’t have time to inform your members about their benefits?  Let us do it for you!  We know your time is valuable, so let us help make things easier for you by sharing tips and tools to help your members make the most of their membership.
In this informative webinar, they will learn how to fully utilize their C.A.R. membership to save money, time, and ultimately gain peace of mind. Join us for an overview of C.A.R. Member Benefits and Member Advantage Program partners.

Topics covered include:

  • Legal Services
  • WINForms®
  • Communication Tools
  • Member Advantage Program
  1. TransUnion/Smart Move – Learn how to be smart about screening your rental applicants with this fast, convenient, and cost-effective Member Advantage Program partner.
  2. Mobile Real Estate ID™ –  Hear how you can allow buyers to access property information, pictures, and the customized contact info right on their cell phone via text message – all in real time and for less than $100 a year.

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