Supra ActiveKEY Firmware 1.14 Release

Published: August 31, 2009

Supra ActiveKEY Firmware 1.14 Release

Summary description for cutting and pasting into member communications:

GE Security has released a new version of ActiveKEY firmware – v1.14 – that includes several improvements relating to battery management. If your ActiveKEY’s radio is turned on, the upgrade will happen automatically. To verify that your ActiveKEY’s radio is turned on:

  • Press your ActiveKEY’s On/Off button. The display should show “Ready for Use”.
  • If the display indicates that the radio is off, you can press “1” to turn the radio ON.

The new firmware will improve your ActiveKEY’s performance in several ways.

The Showing Notification ON/OFF feature enables you to extend your ActiveKEY’s battery life (operating time between battery charges) by turning off Showing Notifications on your ActiveKEY. A Showing Notification is a text message that is displayed on the ActiveKEY when an agent opens an your iBox at your listing. You may opt to turn off Showing Notifications on your ActiveKEY if you:

  • prefer to receive their showing notifications  via email,
  • do not have active listings,
  • or do not use the showing notifications that are sent to your ActiveKEY.

Please refer to the instructions below if you would like to turn off Showing Notifications

With the new Battery Conservation feature, the ActiveKEY will no longer search for Showing Notifications during the off-peak hours of 9pm to 9am, Daylight Time. Our analysis shows that less than 2% of showings take place during this time. If you live in an area with poor cellular coverage, you may find that this feature increases your ActiveKEY’s battery life.

Finally, with the new Quick Charge feature it will take less time for your ActiveKEY’s battery to charge.

In most other ways, including obtaining keys and transmitting information, your ActiveKey will continue to function as before. For example, email notifications of Showings will continue to be real-time during the off-peak window. For instructions on how to set up email notification of showings, please refer to the instructions below.

A complete a list of the new firmware features, please refer to:

To turn off Showing Notifications on your ActiveKEY:

  • press the on/off button on the ActiveKEY
  • Scroll to Preferences and press Enter
  • Press 2 to turn notifications off and then press Enter

To turn on email notifications:

  • Log on to KIM Web
  • Click the ShowingValue link in the left hand column of your screen under Activity reports
  • In the main ShowingValue page, click Change email settings.
  • Under Showing e-mails check the box labeled “After showing agent eSYNC”

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