California Statewide MLS System Demo Available On-line.

Published: September 8, 2009

Last year, after prolonged debate, the California Association of Realtors set out a plan to migrate all MLS services statewide onto a single platform. Dubbed calREDD (California Real Estate Dynamic Data), a committee was assigned the task to ‘develop the ideal MLS system without any pre-conceived ideas’ based on the premise of creating a single database with rich content for ALL California real property. In other words – starting from scratch, design your ideal MLS system.

Less than a year later, the calREDD system is in place. It has been in Beta test for some months now and recently started running ‘live’ with two Northern California Associations data. There was, and continues to be, significant debate on whether local, regional or a statewide MLS will best serve the needs of our members. There have also been significant strides made by some regional MLS’s to expand their existing platforms into mega-MLS’s. Our own MRMLS has been one of the leaders of that effort by expanding the system we now use into CARETS.

CAR has been providing demo’s during our last 3 state meetings giving us glimpses into the newly designed system. Most have come away very impressed. They now have a website dedicated to answering questions on how the system works, why the system is needed and a demo of the system. The demo takes about 16 minutes and gives a very impressive overview of what members might expect if and when the system becomes available to us.

Click on the logo to go directly to the calREDD demo site. Your feedback is always appreciated.


calREDD™, California Real Estate Dynamic Data, is a service of the California MLS, Inc. (CALMLS), a subsidiary of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.).  calREDD™ is being designed to serve as the statewide MLS in California.

calREDD™ reflects our long-term vision of creating one database with rich detail for all California real property, using advanced technology that goes far beyond current MLS systems.

calREDD™ has been created by C.A.R. in response to member demand and frustration with the current MLS environment in California. C.A.R. has heard repeatedly from its members that the current MLS environment is technologically outdated, inefficient, and too costly and does not adequately support the members in serving the needs of their clients and businesses.

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