NAR Treasurer Summarizes the Market In Song.

Published: September 10, 2009

Jim Helsel, our NAR 2009 Treasurer, just posted this solid summary of the real estate markets as we enter this final quarter of the year. He does a brief overview of both the residential and commercial markets and what’s being done to ‘fix it’. It’s not all doom and gloom but there are no simnple answers either. But I think we knew that. Click here for the full text. Enjoy.

“And the walls that won’t come down…we can decorate or find some way to get around…”
Jimmy Buffett…From – “Off the Coast of Carolina”

Well – another summer and now Labor Day has come and gone. I spent September 3rd (when I should have been writing this blog) at …yes… another Jimmy Buffet concert in the Washington, DC area. If you’ve read any my blogs you know I have an affliction for JB (all his good friends call him JB) but this time I found this one song to hit Realtors® in the today of reality.

The last 18 months have been difficult for our residential members and now the second shoe has dropped squarely on our commercial practitioners.

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