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Published: October 13, 2009

New Website Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks we will be upgrading our KIMweb website and each week leading up to the change, we will be sending out information on how the tools will assist you in managing your listings. This week we are showing the new Listing Inventory tool.

If you’re a Seller’s Agent, you’ve probably received feedback on a listing that said it was a little high compared to comparable listings. If you’re a Buyer’s Agent, you’ve probably shown a home that your customers loved, but didn’t want to go to the top of their price range. In either event, the Seller just agreed to reduce the price and you want to get the word out and make sure those interested customers get a second chance to make a buying decision.

  • No Problem!  Easily send a pricing change or other update to all the agents that showed the property.
  • Want to make sure they remember the listing?  Add a picture of a listing and it will appear in your inventory page as well as in showing reports for all the agents that showed your property.

Attached is a flyer that can be sent out to your members.  Click on the SupraWEB link to the right to download the flyer.

Download SupraWEB Announcement

See a preview of the new site by clicking here

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