The Appraisal Foundation Announces New Independent Board

Published: November 9, 2009

On November 5, 2009, the Appraisal Foundation announced the creation of the Appraisal Practices Board. The new Board will be similar in structure and composition to the already existing independent boards, the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) and the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB). The purpose of this third board is to issue voluntary timely guidance to appraisers on emerging valuation issues that are occurring in the marketplace. Pul Welcome, Chairman of The Appraisal Foundation Board of Trustees “The Board of Trustees strongly believes that this is the best avenue for issuing voluntary guidance to appraisers. We believe that this is the right thing to do for the profession, that it is the right time to do it and that we are the right organization to undertake the task.
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