CA Senate Illustrates Egregious Cluelessness In Pursuit of Reality

Published: January 29, 2010

Just when you think our Legislature might get a clue as to what’s going on in the world they are quick to remind us – they are so far out of touch it’s almost comical. Two items from today’s news:

#1 – Our illustrious State Senate passed a bill yesterday cracking down on… FREE PARKING. Yeah, you read that right, FREE PARKING. They don’t have enough to do figuring out how to make up a $20+ Billion budget deficit or how to get water to 70% of the state – they’ve got to stick their nose into yet another local issue.

Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Democrat (there’s a shocker for ya), says there’s just too darn much free parking. It encourages people to drive instead of walking, riding a bike or taking a bus. All that driving caused by free parking is contributing to traffic jams, pollution and, of course, the ever-present bogeyman of global warming. “Free parking has significant social, economic and environmental costs,” according to Lowenthal. “It increases congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Want to decrease greenhouse gas emissions Al? Try shutting your pie-hole. Meanwhile I’ll try to explain to people living in Southwest California why they should be riding their bikes or walking 70 miles to work in your city. (We’ve got no buses.) And why you feel their employers should eliminate free parking if the lazy schmucks do feel the continued need to drive their car to work.

Dumb Ass. And all your Democrat colleagues who voted for this too. Dumb asses.

#2 – Even Obama figured this one out but it’ll apparently take a 2X4 to the side of the head to get the attention of the jack asses in our state senate. One headline in todays paper – datelined Washington DC – ‘Healthcare Bill is on Life Support’. You know it, everybody else in the country knows it… BUT, in an adjacent article datelined Sacramento – ‘California Senate OK’s single payer healthcare plan’. They don’t know it.

Sen Christine Kehoe, a Democrat (there’s another shocker for ya), says “If it’s not to be done at the national level, let’s take the lead in California.” The proposal by Sen. Mark Leno, a Democrat (yet another shocker), establishes a commission (ooooh, we need more of them) and will give them $1 million to decide how to pay for this ‘plan’. Well, what’s another million against the $20+ billion we’re already in the dumper, eh Mark?

Let me put on my ‘Carnac the Magnificent’ hat for a minute a see if I can predict the future. After burning through the initial million, and needing several more before the end of the year, the commission will determine we need to a) increase taxes on the wealthy, and b) increase ‘fees’ on everybody else. The commission will still be draining money from our state budget in 2099.

Republican Sen. George Runner says “This plan is to the left and more radical of what wouldn’t get out of Washington,” A spokeshole for the Gov. sums it up “… they are clearly out of touch with what the voters need and deserve.”

Yeah but I’ll bet they all get re-elected in November. Who’s the dumb asses now?

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