CARETS Open Houses on MRMLS Matrix!

Published: January 28, 2010

MRMLS Matrix is now pulling Open House information from the participating MLSs of CARETS–they include CLAW, CristNet, iTech and SoCalMLS.
MRMLS Matrix now provides YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS information on all Open Houses entered into the MLSs throughout Southern California from the San Fernando Valley to Temecula and from the Inland Empire & Foothills to the Pacific Ocean.

You can search Open Houses from the Matrix Search tab.  Or direct your clients to search our public property search located on website at

Note: Click Here to include the public property search on your website or visit the following URL to generate links to include a separate search for your office and your own listings:

Instructions to Search for an Open House in Matrix:

  1. Select the Search tab and then select the Quick Link under Open House.
    You may need to expand search links if Matrix collapsed your search options.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Search.

Public Instructions to Search for an Open House:

  1. Go to the MRMLS Public Property Search page and select the preferred language to view your Open House results.
  2. Select Open House Search, enter your search criteria and click on Search.
  3. All open house results will appear that match your search criteria.

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