CAR Takes Positions on Ballot Propositions

Published: February 8, 2010

At last weeks Board of Directors meeting the California Association of Realtors® took the following positions on upcoming ballot propositions:

Proposition 14 – Elections: Open Primaries Legislative Constitutional Amendment. Neutral
It was voted in committee and brought forward to the General BOD that this issue was ‘Not Real Estate Related’ but after some floor debate membership determined it has enough impact on real estate to warrant our involvement in the issue.

Proposition 16 – New 2/3 Requirement for Public Electricity Providers: Against
It was determined by committee that this proposition, supported by PG&E, is aimed at stifling competition by privately owned utility companies and could result in higher utility bills for homeowners.

Proposition 17 – Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act: Not Real Estate Related

Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010 (Not yet numbered): Neutral

Proposition 13 – Property Tax: New Construction Exclusion: Seismic Retrofitting ; For

Proposition 15 – Political Reform Act of 1974: California Fair Elections Act of 2008: Not Real Estate Related

On any proposition or legislation evaluated by CAR analysts, the BOD may take any of the following positions:
FOR – implies implicit support of the measure including the possible expenditure of time & money to assure passage.
AGAINST – implies active efforts including the possible expenditure of time and money to insure failure.
NEUTRAL – the measure has some real estate relevance that warrants attention but not enough to spend time & money on.
NOT REAL ESTATE RELATED – arguably any issue can be related to real estate since ‘under all is the land’ but these issues do not have any real estate impact as their primary focus.

As always, we encourage you to examine all propositions and ballot measures on your own and vote your conscience.


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