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Published: February 17, 2010

A Season of Excitement for REALTORS®, Posted by Vince

Posted: 16 Feb 2010 12:58 PM PST

Without a doubt, the best new real estate website I’ve seen this year must be, brought to you by the National Association of REALTORS®.  We’re hosting our big consumer launch this week.

To get our launch going with a bang, we’re hosting a webinar to roll it out for the media.  Why all the hub hub?  Well, we’re excited.

HouseLogic is a free, comprehensive source of information to help homeowners make smart decisions and take responsible actions to protect, maintain and enhance the value of their homes.

The REALTOR® Content Resource is also a free, ready to use companion tool to HouseLogic.  It allows members to leverage HouseLogic content for their own marketing efforts.  That means you can use its content on your Web sites and newsletters.  It will help maintain and grow your client relationships.  Just go to and login to the REALTOR® Content Resource to use it.

The whole site is rich in content on home improvement, maintenance, community engagement, taxes, incentives, finances, and insurance.  It’s a virtual one-stop resource for homeowners, helping them to “own smarter.”

It’s exciting to launch a new product that benefits members so much.  I know our friends on the East Coast and the South have been pounded with snow recently.  I know they can’t wait for spring.  And although I live in California, I can’t wait for it, either.  Spring always brings with it the excitement of new opportunities.  (And it means getting back to one of my favorite pastimes—baseball!)

With HouseLogic, we face the excitement of a new season in business.  Check the site out today and tell your clients about it.  It’s never too soon to get hooked.  –  Vince Malta, 2010 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government

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