Important SupraWEB Update

Published: March 8, 2010

Dear GE Security Customer,
There are a few changes coming to SupraWEB in the next couple of weeks. These changes will provide several new tools for your use.

  • Enhanced reporting features including a new mobile site customized for phones.
  • Improved showing feedback options: You can automatically forward showing notifications to sellers.
  • Agent WebPAY is moving into SupraWEB. You will no longer need to remember two sets of passwords or use two different websites.

As part of this upcoming change, which will occur in about three weeks, it
will be necessary for you to create a new user ID and password before you
can access SupraWEB (until the change is made, you will continue to use
your current password and key number).

We will be providing information and training over the next few weeks on the set up process. You can visit to learn how  this simple process works.

We will also add a dedicated queue in our call center with additional staff to assist you with the change.

We sincerely appreciate your continued business. We are working hard to add benefits to the Wireless Information System that will continue to make things easier for you.

Greg Russell
Product Marketing Manager

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