In With the New: SCOUT Security

Published: March 9, 2010

SCOUTWhen MRMLS launched the SafeMLS token security program in 2008, we made a promise to our membership that we would continue to explore new and less intrusive ways of making sure your data was as secure as possible. MRMLS and your local Association feel that the rollout of our new security program, SCOUT for SAFEMLS on March 24th accomplishes giving you both ease of use and the highest levels of security.
SCOUT for SAFEMLS’s multi-layered authentication and heuristic methods in securing your account information is done behind the scene.  SCOUT clears the path for you to log onto MRMLS Matrix by providing your username and single password without the need of your SAFEMLS Token.

Beginning March 24th, we will begin a phased rollout.  Over the subsequent four weeks, groups of members will be required to register the next time they logon to Matrix.  After you have successfully registered, you will no longer need your SafeMLS token to log into the Matrix system.

Note: You will continue to need your SafeMLS Token UNTIL you have registered your new password.

Within a few weeks, MRMLS and your Local Association will provide you more detailed information about how this exciting new program will work!

EDIT: There has been a delay on the roll-out of the SCOUT Security System. Look for the new roll-out date to be April 13th, 2010.

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