Making Home Affordable – Another Day, Another Lie

Published: March 22, 2010

donovanYou all remember the great fanfare wherein President B H Obama introduced the fabulous Making Home Affordable Program (Help for the hardest hit – according to the website)? He said – and I quote, “this program will enable as many as 3 to 4 million home owners to modify the terms of their mortgage” preserving the dream of home ownership. Last May in Washington DC Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan trumpeted the program before a packed audience of Realtors® during our Legislative Summit Day – the plan ‘does a number of things to make sure that 3 to 4 million families can stay in their homes with affordable mortgages.”
Well here it is just a scant year later and, by all accounts, the program has been a dismal failure. The administration lays claim to having modified about 170,000 loans and even that is suspect. People I know (and have written about) who were initially excited about their loan mod’s have subsequently gotten bogged down in the quagmire. Promised mods have not been made and 10 – 11 months later they are still in limbo, making reduced payments but without the permanency promised. The ‘friendly’ loan reps no longer return calls promptly – if at all. Paperwork is lost time and again. Questions go unanswered. They were initially told they qualified but the rules have been changed and changed again – never in their favor.

bhoNow the administration itself starts parsing words (what a shock). Current releases say the government planned to OFFER help to millions. Ooohhhh –  big difference between ‘enabling’ and ‘offering’ Barry. A treasury spokeshole said last week that the Presidents original remarks were ‘consistent with the goal of offering help to millions’ but that ‘details were still being worked out at the time.’ The hole went on to say there ‘is no significant difference between the offer to help and permanent modification’. Really you lying sack?

Thomas Lawler, who we also heard from last May at the NAR Summit begs to differ. “Merely offering to help is not what the President said and not what he meant. That’s not what anybody meant. Nobody cares if you offer something that people can’t qualify for. What’s the point?”

Precisely. Here’s the point – you can’t believe a word this man or his administration says. Yet a scant majority of the fools in Congress just handed over the tools to dismantle our healthcare system to this same prevaricator. The much vaunted ‘openness and transparency’ promised during the campaign has been replaced by the most secretive, back-room arm twisting and blackmail to have graced our White House since LBJ and Nixon. While thousands of people continue to sink into unemployment and thousands more lose their homes, this man singlehandedly gives us a high hard one with this healthcare system that will bankrupt our children and their children.

Well, much as with the Making Home Affordable, or TARP. or TELF or…, perhaps the details are still being worked on. We can only hope it’s as dismal a failure in execution as the rest of his great programs have been and it will never see the light of day.

And some of you people continue to believe him? Bend over – Barry’s got another promise for ya, sucker.

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