SCOUT Rollout Delayed – April 13th

Published: March 24, 2010

MRMLS will be delaying the rollout of the new SCOUT security login procedure until April 13th. We are moving the time back in order to provide the vendor and MRMLS additional time to prepare the system for implementation! We are sorry for any inconvenience but look forward to introducing you to the exciting new features of the SCOUT solution very shortly.
Be on the lookout for more implementation information in the coming days!

What is SCOUT?

SCOUT’s multi-layered authentication and heuristic methods in securing your account information is done behind the scenes. SCOUT captures and reports unauthorized activity. The technology clears the path for you to log onto MRMLS Matrix WITHOUT the need of your SAFEMLS Token.

Now starting April 13th, during the phased rollout, you will continue to use your SafeMLS token until you are prompted to enroll your new password. You may keep or recycle your SafeMLS token after you have successfully enrolled your new SCOUT password.

What do I need to do to prepare for SCOUT?

This new login screen requires Adobe Flash. This is a very common program, thus the majority of computers are already equipped with it. However, you may be prompted to download the latest version. Please seek technical assistance from your Office Admin or IT professional. Running updates on your computer may result in other changes to your settings.

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