Sen Hollingsworth Calls Dems on Job Killer Record

Published: March 16, 2010

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth

Senate Republican Leader Echoes Governor’s Call to Action on

Budget and Job Creation

“As millions of Californians continue to suffer through the worst recession in 35 years, the Democrat-led Legislature could not even rise to the Governor’s call to pass a single private-sector job creation bill. I applaud the Governor’s continued call to action, but it appears to again fall on deaf ears with Democrats.

“During the last 45 days, Senate Republicans have introduced 54 job creating bills in response to the Governor’s special session to address the massive budget deficit and high unemployment rate that is plaguing all regions of the state. Unfortunately, every job creation bill we introduced was either killed by Democrats in committee or by closing the emergency budget session.

“The flurry of ill-conceived, anti-business bills recently passed by the Democrats that are now awaiting action in the Assembly are exactly what we do not need. Democrats have not offered any tax policy revisions that would make California more competitive with other states or countries in creating new businesses and jobs, both of which produce revenue. The Democrats seem determined to stymie any economic recovery and further drive businesses out of the state.” – Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta)


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