Bill threatens small-winery shipping

Published: April 27, 2010

If there’s a single area of our lives the administration doesn’t want to control, regulate or tax, please send me an email so I can enjoy it while it lasts. Here’s an excerpt and you can read the whole article below. Honestly, these people have waaaay too much time on their hands.

Five years ago this spring, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling that virtually overnight enhanced the reach of wine cellars across the nation.

It also enhanced the viability of a much more cherished icon of American culture – the family farm.

In effect, the nation’s top jurists said people who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner should be free to buy that wine direct from wineries, without trudging off to grocery stores and wine shops. Among other things, it allowed vintners to bypass middlemen, set in motion the rise of the winery wine club as a popular marketing vehicle, and raised the profile of American wine regions far beyond the traditional source of fine wine in the United States – California.

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