New Home Buyer Survey shows what your buyers want most/least.

Published: April 8, 2010

A new Avid Ratings poll of more than 22,000 recent homebuyers shows some of the ‘in’ things homebuyers want these days as well as some that are no longer in favor in this age of frugality. The poll is used by home builders to try to address the moods and wants of the home buying public as buyers are demanding more and paying less.

Some items that are in demand right now:

  • Space is in – but not necessarily huge homes. More livable space
  • Big kitchens with an island
  • Bigger secondary bedrooms
  • Home offices or studies
  • Main floor master bedrooms
  • Large showers with sitting area
  • 2 and preferably 3 car garages
  • Nearby children’s playground and walking paths
  • Green features – appliances & windows

What’s not?

  • Community health clubs
  • Dog parks
  • Golf courses
  • Dominant or focal point stairways
  • Dining rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Dead space
  • Too much glass
  • Whirlpool tubs

Interesting to note how tastes change every few years. Of course large kitchens and bedrooms have always been popular but as more people tend to ‘nest’ in their homes, the kitchen – great room is even more popular. Formal dining rooms have been going out for years now yet many builders still incorporate this traditional touch. Media rooms were popular a decade ago as the trend to mini-mansions was in vogue. Buyers today are looking for practicality and usability over ostentation. Some amenities that used to command premiums like golf courses and community facilities are deemed not worth the extra cost by many – although a segment of the population will always demand and expect those little niceties.

And of course foremost on everybody’s mind, though not addressed in this poll – affordability, low interest rate and EQUITY. I know that’s what I’d like to have in my home. I suspect a lot of folks would give up a lot of must have’s and don’t cares for a few grand in equity.

You can check out the whole LA Times article here: ‘What do Home Buyers want in a home? Survey says…’

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