ActiveKEY Operating Temperature Advisory

Published: June 24, 2010

To: All ActiveKEY Customers
From: Supra
Subject: ActiveKEY Operating Temperature Advisory
Dear ActiveKEY Customer,
As the summer months approach, we’d like to remind you NOT to leave an ActiveKEY in a hot environment, such as a vehicle on a hot day. The ActiveKEY is designed to operate between 14° and 140° F (-10° and 60° C). Low- or high-temperature conditions can shorten battery life or cause an ActiveKEY to malfunction.
DO NOT leave an ActiveKEY in a car because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range.
Please download the tips on getting the most out of your ActiveKEY by clicking here. It details acceptable operating conditions for the ActiveKEY. For further information on ActiveKEY batteries and operating temperatures, please refer to the following Supra publications at ActiveKEY Battery Tips, ActiveKEY Quick Start, and ActiveKEY Pocket Guide.
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