CAR & SCLC Offer Recommendations on June 8 Ballot Propositions

Published: June 2, 2010

Both the California Association of Realtors and the Southwest California Legislative Council have published recommendations for next Tuesday’s election on the various ballot propositions that you will find. The SCLC is in agreement with the positions supported by CAR and has also staked out positions on a couple of the measures that CAR determined to be ‘Not Real Estate Related’. Feel free to use this voter guide to the upcoming elections and please contact me with any questions. I have also included links to both the CAR and SCLC websites for further clarification on why each organization took the position they did.
Neither CAR nor SCLC endorse candidates in local, state or federal  races. However, CAR does support candidates in local and state races and NAR supports federal candidates with direct contributiuons and, in some cases, independent expenditure campaigns.

CAR Ballot Proposition Positions / SCLC Ballot Propositions

Proposition 13 – CAR: Support    SCLC: Support.
Proposition 13 would prohibit tax assessors from re-evaluating new construction for property tax purposes when the new construction is consider earthquake safety improvements. Tax assessors would only be allowed to re-evaluate for property tax purposes after the building has been sold.

Proposition 14 – CAR: Neutral    SCLC: Neutral
Proposition 14 would require that candidates run in a single primary open to all registered voters, with the top two vote-getters meeting in a runoff. This system would take place in the 2012 elections. This Proposition would not affect Presidential and political party leadership positions.

Proposition 15 – CAR: Not Real Estate Related    SCLC: Oppose
This Proposition was placed on the ballot by legislation (AB 583/Hancock). Proposition 15 would institute a pilot program of publicly-financed elections for the office of California Secretary of State. The publicly-financed election would be funded by taxing lobbyists, lobbying firms and lobbyist employers. The Proposition is currently the subject of litigation.

Proposition 16 – CAR: Oppose    SCLC: Oppose
Proposition 16 is a state constitutional amendment, if passed, would require a two-thirds voter approval before local governments can provide electricity service to customers or implement a community choice electricity program using public funds or bonds.

Proposition 17 – CAR Not Real Estate Related    SCLC: Support
Proposition 17 amends Proposition 103, passed by the voters in 1988, to authorize the use of an additional discount on premiums for automobile insurance policies. In particular, the act would allow an insurer to offer a “continuous coverage” discount to new customers who have maintained their coverage while they previously were customers of another insurer.

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