NAR Comments on National Energy Ratings Program.

Published: July 16, 2010

### NAR Comments on Proposed Voluntary Energy Performance Label for Homes
NAR submitted comments on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposal to create a voluntary energy performance label for homes.  The DOE issued a request for information on a proposed National Energy Rating Program for Homes.  The stated purpose of the request for information was “… develop a voluntary energy rating program for homes…..that will grow jobs, save homeowners money on their energy bills, help avoid emssions of greenhouse gases and improve energy security.”

In the comments, NAR lauded the DOE for emphasizing the voluntary nature of the proposal.  However, NAR also raised concerns regarding the difficulty of developing national guidelines that would accurately measure energy use and performance in something has complicated and varied as a house, the complications this kind of nformation could cause in the real estate transaction and the negative impacts that comparing energy use of different homes could have on fragile real estate markets.  According to NAR’s comments: “Labeling every structure in America will not, in and of itself, improve the energy efficiency of homes or buildings…..Energy labels stigmatize older properties and make it harder for these individuals to build equity. Labels also reduce sales prices when sellers are forced into negotiated price reductions in order to compete in today’s very competitive buyer’s market.”
NAR’s comments are attached.  DOE will provide additional opportunities for input, feedback and comment as they develop their voluntary National Energy Rating Program for Homes, and NAR will ensure that ensure that the Realtor perspective is considered during that process.

(See attached file: 07.08.10 Natl Energy Rating Program RFI Comment Letter.pdf)

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