Our Democratic Legislators Just Don't Get it.

Published: July 20, 2010

Hollingsworth Links Democrats’ Budget Delays to California’s Lingering Recession

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (R – Murrieta), talks about how Democrats’ insistence that tax increases be part of the budget deal is discouraging job growth, and prolonging the recession in this week’s Senate Republican Radio Address.

Links to audio versions of the address, and a transcript, are included below:

English Version: http://cssrc.us/audio/100716_SenRepAdd.mp3
Spanish Version: http://cssrc.us/audio/100716_SenRepAdd_esp.mp3


Yet another week has gone by without passing a balanced budget for California. That’s because rather than reducing spending to match what we have, the Legislature’s Democrat majority insists on including billions of dollars of job killing tax increases to close the state budget gap.

Now, just 18 months ago Californians were saddled with the largest tax increase in history. As republicans predicted, that huge tax increase stifled economic growth and resulted in further job layoffs in private businesses.

And the economic news keeps getting worse. A survey this week from the National Federation of Independent Business shows small business owners aren’t planning to hire new employees or buy new equipment because of the threat of further taxes and more government regulation. Now, how could even higher taxes possibly be a good idea for a budget plan?

Small businesses are California’s economic engine and should be driving the economic recovery.

Instead, because Democrats insist on job-killing tax increases, California’s unemployment rate is nearly 30 percent higher than the national average.

The right state budget must reduce spending, be balanced with no new taxes, and most important of all, it must encourage private-sector job creation.

I am Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth: Thank you for listening.

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