California Dept. of Real Estate (DRE) Changes License Renewal Requirements for Agents and Brokers

Published: August 10, 2010

It’s about time. The last renewal I took was a joke. Of course it was all multiple choice, as the new one will be. Fees going up? Well there’s a shocker for ya.
Effective December 31, 2010 – Changes to license renewal include:

  • Multiple choice questions required – no more true or false.
  • 30-40% increase in material to be covered.
  • Education cost increase due to the required changes in material and exams.
  • DRE license fees and renewal fees to increase as the number of new licensees has dropped 90% and renewals have dropped 44%.
  • 70% correct on exams required as of 2010 and able to take only 15 units per day (of 45 total).
  • Agents & Brokers should know they can take continuing education anytime in the 4 years prior to renewal but can’t actually renew with the DRE until 90 days prior to their license expiration date. It is suggested that anyone with a license due to expire by December 30, 2010 or sooner, do their continuing education now and avoid the tougher exams and higher prices.

For the best prices in on-line license renewal education, go to; Click on “Education”, then “Continuing Education” and the “Online Ed logo”. If you have any questions contact Leslie, SRCAR Education at (951) 894-2571

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