SupraWEB Maintenance Release Announcement

Published: August 11, 2010

Dear Supra Customer,
As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain and upgrade our systems, we performed an update to SupraWEB last night.  This maintenance release made the following improvements to the system.

  1. In some cases an agent could get an update code by logging into SupraWEB, even when they should have been required to sync their key.  This has been corrected and will help ensure that showing information is as current as possible.
  2. In rare instances, an agent could log into SupraWEB and be logged into another agent’s account.  We have made some changes to our firewall system that  will correct this problem.
  3. There have been some cases where key boxes added to an agent’s inventory  disappeared after additional boxes where added via SupraNET.  We  have  made changes to  correct  this.
  4. Agents will no longer see the incorrect error message  “Error looking up the keybox serial number from the MLS#”  that occasionally popped up when assigning keyboxes using MLSi.

Thanks again for your continued business .

Supra Support

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