Dancing with the (local) stars for a good cause. Watch me Rhumba.

Published: September 2, 2010

When they asked me to do it I thought they were joking. “Have you ever seen me dance” I asked? Because that’s something I rarely do and people who have seen me still snicker openly decades after the spectacle. My own children brutally mimic me to the delight of complete strangers. If you’ve ever seen Elaine dance on Seinfeld – you get the picture. Except I’m 6’2″, 275 and have two left feet – both size 13.
But the cause was right so when the local YMCA approached my for a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ event to celebrate their 10th anniversary – I couldn’t say no. Starting last week I’ve begun rigorous training with my professional partner – the charming Marisa, learning ‘The Rhumba’. Yeah, that dance! What is commonly referred to as ‘The Dance of Romance’ will be performed as the Baby Elephant Rhumba by yours truly.

Between now and October 2nd, I’ll have a couple lessons a week and. amazingly, I’m making progress. And Marisa still has both feet intact and manages to stifle the occasional urge to snicker. Well why not? She gets paid and I’m probably not THE WORST dancer she has ever seen – although she’s young and will no doubt carry the vivid memories of this for the remainder of her life.

So if you happen to be looking for a good time on October 2nd, come on out to Wilson Creek Winery and help the YMCA celebrate a decade of service to our community. A good time will be had by all. After all, it’s not everyday you get to see Dan Stephenson waltz, or Roger Ziemer do the Hokey-Pokey (last time I saw Z he couldn’t even remember what dance he was supposed to be doing – I feel better). And you certainly will never again have the opportunity to see yours truly Rhumba (if your luck holds). Plus they have an open bar – that should help make my movements more ‘fluid’. It will be a thing of beauty and a sight to behold.

Now if I could only get my hips to move like the sweet Marisa, I might be a contender.  I’m gonna go practice. Shut your eyes.


Guests will be treated to quite a show as local dignitaries battle it out on the dance floor.
Dancers include Janet Beck, Dan Stephenson, Beverly Stephenson, Gene Wunderlich & Roger Ziemer.
Similar to you favorite celebrity dance competition, ‘Dancing with the Y’ features local community
leaders waltzing for your entertainment in hopes of raising funds to support local families.

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