Sen Hollingsworth Summarizes Closing Session of Legislature

Published: September 3, 2010

In Case You Missed It…Bloviating rather than budgeting

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Speeches, speeches and more speeches, took precedence over cries for “jobs, jobs, jobs,” at the Capitol Tuesday. Posturing, arguing, grandstanding, partisanship and passion were on tap in the Assembly and Senate as legislators debated budget bills, leading many to comment that the impassioned speeches should have taken place months ago.

Dramatic fundamental differences were evident during the debate over budget proposals, with the philosophical debate between continuing government expansion, and the need to cut government spending and taxes.

What also became evident between the parties was a differing opinion over the definition of middle class jobs. Democrats named public employees and police, fire fighters and teachers, as the holders of middle class jobs, and Republicans referenced private sector jobs, and specifically, the loss of manufacturing jobs in the state.

Senate Leader Dennis Hollingsworth, R-Murrieta, opened the Senate debate, and said that the Republican budget proposal was “reflective of the reality in today’s economy.” Hollingsworth explained that after $12.5 billion in tax increases last year, the Republican budget was designed to force the state to live within its means, now reduced to $84 billion. “What family isn’t making due with less?” asked Hollingsworth. “Yes, it’s a tough budget. Yes, it’s tough spending less, but it’s all we have.”

Hollingsworth said that the state was still going to be spending $48.5 billion on education, and needed to cut $3.5 billion out of Cal WORKS, and state paid child care.

Critical of the inaction by legislators on the budget, Hollingsworth said that if legislators had taken up the budget last February, the state would be $3 billion less in debt. “The Republican budget brings spending in line with reality.”

…And so it continued for hours – Republicans on a cut-government-and-taxes side of the argument, with Democrats appearing to promise to keep government static and save government jobs.


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