Drive a car – pay a fine. It's headed our way.

Published: October 22, 2010

If you don’t believe the unregulated California Air Resources Board and local Air Quality Management Districts are out of control, check this out. This is a Central Valley issue but headed south, folks. As a gateway from the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors to the rest of the country, we could easily end up paying fines, fees and levies for trucks bound for points east that use our highways to get there.
Stepping away from the campaign trail for a moment, we take a look at a landmark decision by Central Valley air-equality enforcers. The Fresno Bee’s Mark Grossi has the story.

“The Valley’s air board voted Thursday to make motorists — not industry — pay a $29 million dirty-air penalty intended for pollution-emitting businesses. The decision, first of its kind in the nation, would add $12 to vehicle registration fees in the Valley beginning next year — if air-quality activists don’t successfully challenge it in court.”

“The penalty was triggered when the region missed an ozone cleanup deadline this year. Air officials said the penalty would not be fair for businesses, which have spent $40 billion over the past three decades to reduce their pollution by 80%. Most of the Valley’s ozone problem comes from vehicles, officials said.”

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