The list of companies leaving CA continues to expand

Published: October 12, 2010

California Companies Moving Away orShifting Work Out Reaches New Record: 158
(for 2010 alone)

In the three weeks since my last tally, I’ve learned about another 14 companies that have left California completely or re-directed capital to build facilities out of state. The names of the 14 and justifications for listing them appear below. Today’s entry builds upon the Sept. 21 entry 144 Companies Shrink from Calif. This Year – Three Times the Total for All of 2009.

In short:
Total for 9-1/2 months of 2010: 158
Total for all of 2009: 51

Five enterprises represent the type of operations coveted by many California politicians — “green” companies — namely DayStar Technologies, Vetrazzo, SMA America LLC, Enfinity Corp., and Power-One. Those companies have opted for Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and an apparently as-yet-undetermined “overseas location.”

I’ve updated Part III: County-by-County Losses For California Disinvestment Events to reflect these 14 additional entries. In this round, Orange County experienced three disinvestment events; Los Angeles and Sacramento, two; and Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Placer, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara and Ventura counties each suffered one case of “corporate shrinkage.” I’ve also updated Part IV: States, Countries That Gain From California Disinvestment Events.

Nine companies carry the code RELO-OS, which represents an out-of-state or out-of country relocation, while another five are CD-OSG, which means the company directed capital out-of-state for a facility that in the past would have been built in California. I’ve updated Part V: California Disinvestment Events By Category or Type. (I exclude companies building elsewhere to meet growth — see Part II: Examples of Companies Excluded From California Disinvestment Event Listings.)  Also relevant is Part VI: Why California Disinvestment Events Are Greatly Understated.

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