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Published: October 5, 2010

Sign up for the Broker Involvement Program today!
It’s easy to be a broker leader as part of C.A.R.’s Government Affairs Team.

Everyday in California, brokers manage their offices and mentor their agents. That’s how great client service is taught — by example.

C.A.R.’s Government Affairs Team needs brokers to become part of the team by helping agents become activists so that your industry can stay strong. If you don’t lead, your business will suffer.

  • Protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction.
  • Stop the three percent independent contractor withholding and the expansion of the sales tax to services.
  • Defeat point-of-sale mandates and transfer taxes.

These issues are critical, and if brokers lead, REALTORS® will act to protect your ability to serve clients and sell real estate.

Give five minutes to protect your business. When a broker’s help is needed, C.A.R. staff will contact you by email or phone. All you need to do is email your agents asking them to look for a Red Alert email from C.A.R., or leave a firm-wide voice mail for agents asking them to respond. NAR staff will follow up with you directly to add your office to their broker involvement program.

To sign up for C.A.R.’s Broker Involvement program, please email DeAnn Kerr at[email protected] and ask to be added to the program.

To sign up for NAR’s program, click on the following link and then click on the “Join the Program” button on the left:

If you have any questions about either program, please contact DeAnn Kerr at[email protected].

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