eKEY Basic for Android Now Available

Published: November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010
Dear Supra Customer,

eKEY for the Android is now available! Turn your Android phone into a lockbox key in two easy steps. First download the eKEY app from the Android Market. Note that this link will only work directly from your mobile phone. The download is free and it includes a demo version that lets you try all features risk free. Next, purchase a small hardware device, called the eKEY Fob that translates Bluetooth to Infrared. Please note that you must also be enrolled in the eKEY Basic service.

If you are interested in purchasing an eKEY Fob, please contact your Association or MLS.

Key Product Features:

· Use your Android phone as your lockbox key.
· Program lock boxes, change shackle codes, manage lock box inventory.
· Link directly to SupraWEB right from your phone.
· eKEY will update itself, no cradling or extra charging required.

How to Get eKEY for Android

Turning your Android phone into your lock box key is a simple process which involves the following:

1. Download and install the eKEY for Android application from the Android Market. Go to the Android Market and search for “eKEY”.
2. Purchase an eKEY Fob from your Association or MLS or from Supra. If you already have an eKEY Fob (if for example you have used it with a BlackBerry in the past) you do not need to purchase a new fob.
3. Obtain an eKEY Basic key from your Association or MLS. They will provide you with an authorization code, a key number, and a PIN.
4. Open the eKEY for Android app on your phone and click on the Activate eKEY button. It will prompt you to enter your authorization code. Once this code is entered, your phone will sync with our system and you will be ready to open lock boxes with your phone!

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