Hi speed rail is hi level scam

Published: December 3, 2010

Any questions on why our state and country continue to swirl into the crapper can be answered by their continuing devotion to worthless money losing schemes like this. Read the article – they are going to spend over $ 4 Billion on a high speed rail line from nowhere to nowhere – and if that isn’t bad enough it will have no maintenance facilities, no power lines , no locomotives or rail cars. So in addition from going nowhere to nowhere, it will have no means too not get you there. $4.15 billion later…
California’s High-Speed Rail Authority has approved the first link in the bullet-train chain, a segment deep in the San Joaquin Valley. The LAT’s Dan Weikel and Rich Connell have the story.

“Costing at least $4.15 billion, the segment would run from the tiny town of Borden to Corcoran, an area hit so hard by the recession and agriculture declines that it has been dubbed the New Appalachia. Stations would be built in Fresno and Hanford.”

“Included in the plan are tracks, station platforms, bridges and viaducts, which would elevate the line through urban areas. The initial section, however, would not be equipped with maintenance facilities, locomotives, passenger cars or an electrical system necessary to power high-speed trains.”

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