Matrix 5.5 New Features

Published: February 7, 2011

The CRMLS Matrix Platform will be offline on Wednesday, February 9th from 9 PM to 6 AM to deploy version 5.5 of the CRMLS Matrix Platform.
This new version of the CRMLS Matrix Platform brings many new and exciting features that many of you have requested and will transform the way you work.

New Features

  • Residential Statistical Reports
    Quickly generate simple and straightforward charts and graphs to analyze market trends in your market area.
  • Auto Email Concierge
    Gives you complete control over the listings that are sent to your client by allowing you to preview, approve, reject, or leave listings for further consideration before sending them to your client.
  • Contact Carts
    Each of your active contacts in the CRMLS Matrix Platform will now have their own individual cart for you to save listings in.
  • Count on the Fly
    Instantly displays the number of properties that match your search criteria while you select individual fields on a search page without having to click the Results button.
  • Goggles
    Allow you to view listings from your client’s perspective and see what you’ve emailed your client and if your client has marked the listing as a favorite, possibility, or discarded the property.
  • Navigation Bar Improvements
    Quickly view where you’re at in the CRMLS Matrix Platform using the new Breadcrumb trail located just below the Navigation Bar.

Matrix 5.5 Web Conference Training

CRMLS will be offering live webinar training on the latest release of the new version Matrix 5.5. Register now as spots are filling quickly.

  • Wednesday, February 10th  at 9:00am to register CLICK HERE
  • Thursday, February 11th  at 10:00 am to register CLICK HERE
  • Monday, February 14th  at 2:00 pm to register CLICK HERE

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