CAR forms update scheduled for release on April 29th, 2011

Published: March 28, 2011

The Standard Forms Advisory Committee is proud to present final drafts of the following forms for your final review and comment.  These forms are scheduled for release on April 29th, 2011.

New Form

  • Denial of Rental Application (DRA)

New  Forms  Released March 2011 (now available via zipForm® 6)

  • Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Offer of Mortgage Relief Notice (MARSMRN)
  • Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Short Sale Negotiation Notice (MARSSN)
  • Additional Information Regarding Termination of Tenancy Within One Year After Foreclosure (To Be Attached to A Notice of Termination-C.A.R. Form NTT – Giving Tenants Less Than 90 Days To Vacate (NAF)
  • Notice of Termination Of Tenancy Within One Year After Foreclosure (Giving Tenant At Least 90 Days To Vacate) (NTAF)

Note, according to NAR, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) realizes that its current disclosure language which C.A.R. has included in the MARSMRN and the MARSSN forms does not make sense when a real estate broker is representing a consumer in a short sale transaction.  We anticipate receiving additional guidance from the FTC shortly and will get it out to the members as quickly as possible.

Revised Forms

  • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)
  • Cancellation of Listing (COL)
  • Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy (CTT)
  • 48-Hour Notice of Inspection Prior to Termination of Tenancy (FEHN)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)
  • Lease Listing Agreement (LL)
  • Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement (LR)
  • Application to Rent/Screening Fee (LRA)
  • Notice of Entry (NOE)
  • Notice of Obligation to Pay Rental of Lease Payments in Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check (NPC)
  • Notice of Right to Inspection Prior to Termination of Tenancy (NRI)
  • Notice of Sale and Entry (NSE)
  • Purchase Agreement Addendum (PAA)
  • Probate Advisory (PAK)
  • Probate Advisory (PAL)
  • Notice to Perform Covenant (Cure) or Quit (PCQ)
  • Property Management Agreement (PMA)
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (PRQ)
  • REO Advisory (REO)
  • REO Advisory (Listing) (REOL)
  • Trust Advisory (TA)
  • Trust Advisory (Listing) (TAL)
  • Tenant Estoppel Certificate (TEC)


Drafts of the revised forms along with a summary of changes are available for your final review and comment at C.A.R. Online at:

Please provide all comments in writing no later than 12:00 pm (noon) Thursday, March 30th via email to [email protected] or via fax to 213.739.9106.

Thank you for your involvement and interest in the development of C.A.R. Standard Forms.

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