Another Reason California's in the Crapper: Tom Ammiano.

Published: April 28, 2011

Every once in awhile a legislator comes along who is just so horrendously, laughably bad that even by California’s low bar, they are exemplary. If you’re involved at all, you start to recognize the same names popping up time and again over the years to the point where any bill that has their name attached you just automatically assume is going to be bad – and it usually is. Too bad because sometimes they do have a cogent thought but not often enough to disregard the voluminous reeking detritus that daily disgorges from their oral orifice.

The newest Drum Major for California’s ‘A**holes on Parade’ has to be Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. Let me just say three words about Tom – San Francisco & Democrat. Adding the term ‘liberal’ to that would merely be gilding the lily – an exercise of which Tom might approve.

Ammiano has risen through San Francisco politics from educator to Supervisor to Assemblymember having never actually held a private sector job. He’s been on the public dole his entire career. This is also the same district that gave us Nancy Pelosi, so we would not be remiss to flavor their political judgment with a grain or three of salt.


(unretouched photo – can’t say the same for that face)

Ammiano’s main claim to fame in the assembly is his perennial bill to legalize marijuana in the state. If the general public outside San Francisco has heard of him at all, it’s probably for that. But that pales in comparison to some of the bills he routinely introduces. Just in this legislative session alone he has produced more than his share of clunker bills that should be relegated to the outhouse instead of the state house – for example:

  • Earlier this year landlords, apartment owners and Realtors united against a bill that would have extended a landlords  ‘pay or quit’ timeframe from 3 to 14 days. That means if you own a home or an apartment complex and somebody decides not to pay you, rather than tack a notice on their door telling them they have 3 days to pay up or leave, they would now have 2 weeks to live off you rent free – more if they contest the eviction. Why did he propose this? His ‘constituents’ are going through some hard times and just need some more time and a little understanding.

HELLO! We’re all going through some hard times. What about the hard times your landlord is going through? But it’s OK for him to carry your deadbeat constituents for 2 weeks, is that right? How about the small landlord who has a house rented and suddenly he’s in default because your constituent decided not to pay? That’s OK too? Well, as long as your constituents aren’t inconvenienced I guess. After some considerable pressure, he amended the bill to remove the most onerous language and it now simply says the eviction process can be halted at any time as long as they pay the rent owed and landlord attorney fees capped at $350. Property managers across the state are still against the measure.

  • Earlier this year Ammiano declared that ‘sports are a vital economic activity’ and proposed that the legislature create a ‘statewide sports authority’.
Yeah, we can’t get rid of the bloated, overpaid state committees and commissions and task forces currently driving our state into bankruptcy – we need a statewide sports authority. Dumb ass.
  • Ammiano has proposed a bill which would limit the number of charter schools in a given area to 10.

Let’s see – charter schools traditionally have a higher success rate, produce more college bound students, enjoy smaller class sizes and attract more motivated teachers. Yeah, let’s limit them and force those kids into Californian’s superbly under-performing and over-funded public school system where 60% to 70% of students in your constituency fail to graduate. That makes sense? Well, it makes sense I guess if your former colleagues in the teachers union helped get you elected, otherwise -ehhh, not so much.

  • Here’s a fun one. Ammiano has proposed a bill to let California counties ‘opt out’ of the federal Secure Communities Program. The SCP mandates that when people are booked into local jails their immigration status is checked to see if they are deportable. “We’ve got to improve the RIGHTS of the people who are the foundation of our society”, according to Ammiano.

That’s wrong on so many levels. Of course he has the backing of both Los Angeles and San Francisco counties, who prefer not to check anyway and would rather just let these people remain here to commit more crimes I guess. And of course our new Attorney General, also a strong supporter of illegal immigration, supports the bill. A spokeshole recently declared that some 25% of people brought to jail end up not being convicted of a crime but may end up being deported anyway because of their immigration status. Hmmm, perhaps nobody explained to the nimrod the definition of the term ‘illegal immigrant’. By definition they have broken the law and should be deported.

Just one of the many reasons California continues it’s downward trajectory – people unclear on the concept who are elected to positions of authority. Ammiano is one of those who has never held a private sector job, has never had the pressure of meeting a payroll or producing a product or service in a competitive marketplace. Among his notable accomplishments prior to getting elected to the Assembly was the expansion of diversity and sensitivity training to include gay and lesbian curriculum to the kindergarten level for San Francisco schools. Oh, and as a Supervisor one of his great contributions was permitting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a charity group of drag queens, to close Castro Street for their Easter Parade. Attaboy Tom, way to focus on the important stuff.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Ammiano’s first exposure outside his limited constituency, came in 2009 when he yelled ‘you lie’ at then Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger at a public event. He followed this up saying Arnie could “kiss my gay ass”. Apparently Arnie wasn’t interested and promptly vetoed a bill of Ammiano’s that had passed both houses of the legislature unanimously. His note to Ammiano explaining the veto is attached for your edification. If you read down the left side of the page you find an acrostic message from the then Gov. Statisticians put the odds of a message like that appearing randomly at over 2 billion to 1.

arnie fu

We should be saying that to more of Ammiano’s bills.

Of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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