Introducing Immobel’s Global Listing Exchange

Published: April 1, 2011

SRCAR & CRMLS and have partnered with Immobel to provide you with access to motivated buyers around the world with Immobel’s Global Listing Exchange.
Global Listing Exchange places your listings in front of the global market by:

  • Providing you with a customizable website that allows local and international clients to view your listings and search for listings in their native language
  • Translating your listings so they can be found by search engines worldwide
  • Displaying your listings on websites of real estate professionals worldwide
  • Providing you with qualified referrals from real estate professionals around the world through the Global Referral Network’s 500,000 member community

To take advantage of the Global Listing Exchange today, click the Global Listing Exchange link on the Links tab in the CRMLS Matrix Platform.

Training Manuals and Videos

  • Click here to view the Global Listing Exchange User Manual.
  • Click here to view training videos for the Global Listing Exchange.

Training Opportunities

To learn more about Global Listing Exchange attend one of the upcoming webinars. Click on a date below to register:

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