New Version of Android eKEY Software Available Now!

Published: April 7, 2011

Dear eKEY for Android Customer ,
There is an important update available for eKEY Basic
for Android. You can download this important software
update from the Google Android Market. This new
version (1.0.1) addresses a range of syncing issues
that are specific to eKEY Basic for Android devices. In
particular, users should no longer encounter 9BFF and
9B03 errors when eKEY attempts to update.

You can get the eKEY update in one of two ways:

1.) From your phone you will see an “update” icon that is
shown when any installed application has a pending
update. Simply drag down the alert and select the
option to install updates. From there, eKEY will show
up as an application that has an update available for

2.) Visit the Market from your Android phone. Select
Menu > My Apps to see a list of applications installed
on the device. The eKEY application will show that an
update is available. Tap the eKEY update to begin the
download and installation.

Both methods preserve all user settings and does not
require a new authorization code. Should you need any
assistance updating your eKEY software, please
contact customer support at 1-877-699-6787 (5 AM to 7
PM PT seven days a week) or email
[email protected]

Thank you for your continued business!

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