CRMLS Matrix Updates

Published: May 19, 2011

On Thursday, May 5th, the CRMLS Matrix Platform will be updated with the following changes:
Status Date Changes

The following automatically populated date fields will be updated to leverage the date input by a member, when available, rather than the system timestamp.

  • Date Status Changed
  • Date Off Market
  • Date Back on Market
  • Date CMA Status

For example when a listing is set to Pending, the Date Status Changed will now reflect the Pending Date input by the member instead of the date the change was made.

If you need to search for status changes based on when the change was made in the MLS, use the new Timestamp Status Change and Timestamp Off Market fields to perform your search. These fields are useful when tracking all changes that were input in the MLS within a given

In addition to the date changes, a new CMA search page will be added to the CRMLS Matrix Platform. The CMA search page makes searching for comparables quick and easy by providing you with a set of commonly used CMA related search fields.

iTech ML Number Changes

All iTech ML numbers that begin with a G will have the G replaced with a 1, and all iTech ML numbers that begin with a P will have the P replaced with a 2. Refer to examples in the table below:

Original ML NumberNew ML Number


The iTech ML Number change will not affect existing saved searches or auto emails.

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