Safely store your documents online with zipVault inside of your zipForm 6 Professional account.

Published: June 27, 2011

The Federal Rules of Evidence and the Uniform Rules of Evidence generally allow for electronic records and their reproductions to be admissible into evidence. This includes electronic signatures stored in a computer or server. Are your digitally signed documents safely stored?
C.A.R. provides zipVault™, an online document storage as your central filing cabinet for everything transaction related. Not only are files saved for up to 5 years for free, but it is also safely stored and backed up for your accessibility 24/7.

Other benefits to using zipVault™ include:

  • Non-zipForm® 6 documents can be stored with forms inside templates (local disclosures, inspections)
  • Compatible for multiple file types (spreadsheets, emails, audio, images, and more)
  • Specify a date retention/deletion time policy
  • Provides broker oversight and control (Optional Broker Version)

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Did you know that zipVault™ also comes as an enhanced Broker version exclusively for California Brokerages? For more information, visit

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