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Published: June 21, 2011


The Latest Evolution in Signatures 

Every real estate professional knows time is money and every minute spent waiting for a signature can cost valuable revenue. A manual process can add days to a real estate transaction and require costly resources to complete. There has been a great interest within the real estate industry for utilizing digital signatures to improve efficiency all while reducing costs, saving time, eliminating delays and better serving customers.

The zipLogix Digital Ink™ solution offers the security and comfort of superior non-repudiation – meaning that a party in a dispute cannot refute the integrity of a digitally signed document. Digital signatures are based on public key cryptography which allows you to know, without question, if a document has been modified.

The Time Has Come to Evolve Your Business 

zipLogix Digital Ink ensures that all of the document’s data and the digital signature are protected throughout the entire “signed, sealed and delivered” online process. Digital signatures permanently secure the identity of signers and the document’s content. The signer’s digital identity is referenced within the digital signature at the time of signing. Once a document has been signed, its integrity is permanently protected. Any attempt at changing the data or tampering with the signature(s) would automatically and visibly invalidate the document.

Digital signatures revolutionize the customer experience. They offer your customers a truly paperless electronic process that can be trusted. Today’s tech savvy customers are not interested in printing, faxing or shipping documents or worse yet, driving to your location. The fully-automated, straight-through processing enabled by digital signatures creates an additional competitive advantage all while reducing time, lowering costs and increasing compliance rates.

Benefits of using Digital Signatures: 

For the Real Estate Professional 

  • Custom Signature fields to include additional contract parties
  • Address Book stores contact information for faster sending
  • Send documents to buyers and sellers without printing, faxing or driving across town
  • Easily serve out of town customers
  • Reduce/eliminate signing mistakes
  • Protect your customer’s confidential data
  • Easily track the status of every transaction
  • Automatic routing of documents to each signer
  • Easily send reminders
  • Dramatically less prep time to populate documents and prepare them for signatures
  • Go-Green and save a tremendous amounts of paper
  • Easily save and file electronic copies of everything
  • Better customer service – faster and more convenient
  • Better image to customers with up-to-date technology
  • Close faster
For Buyers and Sellers  

  • Faster and easier to sign
  • Better protection of confidential information
  • Fewer mistakes requiring corrections and additional work
  • Close faster
  • Much more convenient – no printing, faxing, driving, etc.
  • Automatic storage of documents

No hardware, no software, no paper, no delays!zipLogix Digital Ink is revolutionizing the customer experience and providing you a way to offer your customer a truly paperless electronic process that can be trusted.

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