eKEY for iPhone iOS5 Available on App Store!

Published: October 12, 2011

Dear Supra Customers,


We would like to follow up on our note yesterday regarding the new iPhone Operating System and new version of eKEY. We are happy to let you know that Apple has approved our updated application and it is available on the App Store.  All of your members who use eKEY for iPhone will receive a notification on their phone, telling them that the new version is available.  It is important that all eKEY for iPhone users upgrade to the latest eKEY version (1.2.2).


In our communication yesterday we asked your members to hold off on upgrading their iPhone Operating System until the new eKEY application was available. Now that the new eKEY application is available, your members should experience no issues with updating their iPhone Operating System software (iOS5), which is being released today by Apple.


Thank You,

Supra Support Team

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