eKEY iPhone iOS5 Update Information

Published: October 12, 2011

Dear Supra Customers,


In anticipation of the new iPhone operating system (iOS5) to be launched on Wednesday October 12th, we have updated our eKEY software to be compatible with iOS5.  The update has been sent to Apple for their approval. As soon as it is approved it will become available on the Apple App Store.  It will also show up as a red asterisk on the App Store icon, directly on the iPhone.  Approval is expected within the next few days.


PLEASE NOTE:  All iPhone eKEY users are encouraged to refrain from updating the iPhone’s operating system to iOS5 until after the new version of eKEY (version 2.2.1) has been installed.  This will ensure that eKEY continues to run correctly.  If the new operating system is installed prior to getting the updated eKEY software, the user could encounter usability issues with their eKEY.

Thank You,
Supra Support Team

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