New eKEY Fob now available!

Published: November 2, 2011

Dear Supra Customers,
We are pleased to announce that the new eKEY Fob is now available.  You will be delighted with the next gen product design.  Compared with the Original fob, the new fob is 60% lighter and half the size!  Battery life is also improved.

The eKEY Fob is part of our eKEY solution, which turns your smartphone into a lockbox key.  The fob receives a Bluetooth message from the smart phone and converts it into an infrared signal that can be received by the lockbox.  Please click the following link for a list of compatible smart phones.

Great New Features:

•    Smaller, lighter than its predecessor

  • Half the size
  • More than 60% lighter

•    Longer battery life
•    Uses two user replaceable coin cell batteries  (batteries are included)
•    Compatible with all Android and BlackBerry smartphones (iPhone devices require an iPhone specific eKEY Adapter).


The New eKEY Fob carriers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.  Please note that fobs returned will be replaced with the same version of fob.  This means that if warranty replacement is necessary, a new fob will be replaced with a new fob.  Original fobs returned for warranty will be replaced with an Original fob (We have retained sufficient inventories of the Original fob to ensure that we can replace them with the same version originally purchased).

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