eKEY for BlackBerry Update Now Available

Published: March 16, 2012

Dear eKEY Customer,

An updated version of eKEY is now available on BlackBerry App World. Version 4.5.28 addresses issues that may occur with version 7 of BlackBerry’s operating system.

This version is compatible with BlackBerry OS 5 and higher. To install the updated eKEY software, please:

1)      Open the App World application on your BlackBerry

2)      Search for eKEY

3)      Download the application

4)      A message prompt will appear. Please select ‘replace’ and continue.

In the future, App World will automatically notify you when new versions of eKEY are released.

Please note that this upgrade is not compatible with BlackBerry operating systems prior to 5.0. Users who have one of these devices should continue to download the eKEY application from www.ekeymobile.com. There have not been any significant changes to the version on this site; if you have a working eKEY on a Blackberry OS that is earlier than 5.0, there is no need to reinstall the eKEY application.


Supra Support

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