eKEY for iPhone v 1.3.2 now available

Published: May 21, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,
An updated version of eKEY for iPhone (version 1.3.2) is now available.  We believe this update will correct the 9B0D error that some users have been experiencing.

We have beta tested the new version with selected eKEY users. The test shows that the version works well, but we need a broader group of users to demonstrate — with statistical significance — that the new version effectively prevents the error.

iPhone users will receive a notification on their phone when the new version of eKEY is available.  They will be prompted to download the application from the app store.  Once the new version is downloaded and installed, it is ready for use.

After a larger number of agents have downloaded the application and we are confident errors have decreased, we will make a broad announcement urging keyholders to update their application.

Thank You,

Supra Support Team

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