New — Thursday, July 26

Published: July 24, 2012

All New Website — July 26th
We are excited to announce an all new website is launching on Thursday, July 26th.

The website will have a brand new look and will be easier to navigate and find information. The new website will also bring you more training and information on Supra’s products.

Below are some common questions and answers and some sneak preview images of the new site. Come check out the new on Thursday!

Q. How do I find the new pages?

A. Go to starting Thursday, July 26th to see the new site.

Q. Do I need to change any of my Supra website bookmarks?

A. Yes, if you have any Supra sites bookmarked, it is best to update your bookmarks when the new site launches.

Q. Will there be any changes to my SupraWEB login and password?

A. Your SupraWEB login and password will not change.

Q. Are there any changes to the way I pay my Supra bill online?

A. There are not any changes to the way you pay your Supra bill. You will still login to SupraWEB to pay your bill. On the new site, you’ll see a button on the home page to login to SupraWEB and a link at the top of any page on the site.


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