Temecula Valley Housing – An Overview

Published: October 25, 2012

There’s no doubt the Temecula Valley is one of the nicest, safest and most affordable places to live in Southern California. The climate is terrific, the schools are great, we have sports parks and dog parks and a duck pond, wineries, golf courses & a casino and our city is well run with a budget surplus. From Temecula you can be skiing Big Bear in the morning, surfing La Jolla in the afternoon and be home in time to enjoy a jazz concert at a winery  in the evening. There’s something here to fit every lifestyle – unless you want to live in a high rise in a big city and take the subway to work. We don’t have that.

We do offer a wide range of housing opportunities  from condo’s for first time homebuyers to retirement villages; avocado groves & equestrian estates to vineyards; Mediterranean to New England style single family homes; homes on a golf course to homes on a lake –  Temecula has something for every prospective homeowner.

So how do you find out more about this amazing market? Start by finding a Realtor® that can guide you through the process. Oh, you can start by looking at home on-line. Today about 70% of you will start there. But there are so many beautiful homes you’ll soon find yourself trying to narrow that search to specific areas. Maybe the school district is important to your growing family, or being close to medical facilities is important for special needs, or you need room for your horses or you’ve always dreamed of living on a golf course. Your Realtor® can guide you to those neighborhoods that fit your lifestyle best.

Some of you will start by talking to a lender to find out how much home you can afford. That’s a great idea too. It’s a good idea to start with a lender that already knows you – or at least a bank that you’ve done business with. But if you’re new to the area you probably don’t know a lender and picking one out of the phone book might not be your best place to start.

A good Realtor® can direct you to good lenders, ones they know from experience can get the job done for you with a minimum of hassle. Some lenders have better programs than others depending on your situation – everything from no-down or low-down government backed loans, to loans with extremely low interest rates for well qualified buyers with large down payments. There are different options for 1st time buyers, investors, military personnel, move-up buyers and seniors and your Realtor® and lender will work together on the best deal for you and your family.

To find a Realtor®, start with the Chamber of Commerce. By being a member of the Chamber, a business owner has already demonstrated their interest in and commitment to the community. Don’t be afraid to talk to more than one Realtor® – because just like you, we’re all different too. Some are all business – cut to the chase kind of folks, others are more touchy-feely warm & fuzzy, others you don’t know what the heck they are.

You’re going to be working with this person for the next few weeks or months on the biggest investment most of you will ever make. Having a good Realtor® on your team is the difference between a pleasant and profitable experience, and one that will have you gnashing your teeth living in a cave.

A couple final thoughts… As with much of the country, we’ve just come through the worst real estate market in years. You’ll be looking at homes that were selling for double their current asking price just a few years ago. But our prices have been stable for three years now and have started to increase again. You’re buying at, or close to, the bottom of this cycle. Last time prices started to boom our housing appreciated 155% in just 5 years. We’re not looking for, in fact not hoping for, a repeat of that cycle but long term appreciation in California real estate is inevitable.

We also have about 1/3 of the inventory we had just last year so finding your dream home might take a little longer. There are many beautiful properties out there at terrific prices. When you find the one you love, don’t be surprised if several other folks love it as well. Multiple bids are not unusual in this market so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can steal your dream home. Lowball bids today will almost assure that you will lose the first two or three homes you bid on. On the other hand, if you’re an investor looking for bargain prices on fixers or rentals, those are out there too. Again, your Realtor® can guide you along the most prosperous path for you.

The Temecula Valley lifestyle – your piece of history looking to the future. Start enjoying it today. Call your Realtor® to find out how.

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