From Supra: iOS6.1 Operating System Update

Published: February 4, 2013

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: iOS6.1 Operating System Update

Dear iPhone eKEY© User,

Recently Apple released the iOS 6.1 operating system update for your iPhone. Please note the following eKEY behavior when using Apple iOS 6.1:

·         When performing “obtain key” or “release shackle”, the ‘SUCCESS’ message will not be visible after operating the keybox. However, the keybox should perform as normal. After performing the requested function, eKEY will return to the Apple home screen.

·         In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat “obtain key” or “release shackle” for successful keybox function.

·         Next week, Supra will release an update to eKEY which corrects the behavior of eKEY on iOS 6.1.

We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced related to this issue, and thank you for your continued support.



Supra Technical Support Team

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