Supra System Notification

Published: September 24, 2014

Dear Supra Customer,
This Wednesday, 9/24, starting at 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm EDT) and ending at 8:30pm PDT (11:30pm EDT), Supra will be conducting maintenance on SupraNET and SupraWEB. In addition, updates to the Supra® eKEY® app for Android™, Apple®, and BlackBerry® will be available soon from their respective app stores.

The changes to these software applications are for performance improvements and will not result in any visible changes to SupraNET, SupraWEB, or the eKEY app at this time.

During this system maintenance, the following systems will be down except for update codes:

  • SupraWEB (update codes will be available)
  • KIM Voice (update codes will be available)

For a portion of this time, the following systems MAY be intermittent:

  • SupraNET
  • Automated Phone Payments (IVR system)
  • ActiveKEY Automatic Updates
  • DisplayKEY eSYNCs
  • eKEY Syncs and Wireless Updating

NOTE: If you encounter an error connecting to the above systems, try again and it should work within a few minutes.

Thank you,

Supra Support Team

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