Supra eKEY Updates and Announcements

Published: April 29, 2016

Dear eKEY Customer,

We have a few announcements we’d like to share with you.

iPhone SE

We have completed testing and are happy to announce the Supra® eKEY® app is compatible with the iPhone SE. For more information on compatible eKEY smartphones and tablets, see our Compatible eKEY App devices document.


SupraWEB update

We released an update to SupraWEB, the agent website, to improve the management of keyboxes between SupraWEB and the eKEY app. When a keybox is deleted in the eKEY app it will also be deleted in SupraWEB.


iPhone 9.3.1 and eKEY Fob

We have received reports of some customers experiencing difficulties opening the iBox/iBox BT with an eKEY Fob using an iPhone 6/6S that has iOS 9.3.1 or receive an error code 9A0D. This issue appeared when iOS 9.3.1 was released and is affecting a small number of members, click here to see the steps to pair the fob.

Supra Support

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